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Unsightly swollen veins usually appears in the skin's surface or sometimes deeper that can cause not just discomfort but can also lower one's confidence. Thankfully there's an effective way of dealing with spider veins and reticular veins.


Trimedica offers leg vein treatment that targets spider veins and reticular veins by constricting the blood vessels in the legs without harming the surrounding tissue.

Trimedica Spa, located in Farmingville, NY also offers several other spa services including i-Lipo & Sculpsure, facials and peels, and medically supervised weight loss plans. Whatever you're looking to accomplish, we can help you!


And don't forget, we also offer FREE consultations and Refer a friend & receive a discount, contact office for details. Call 631-346-3633 today for your appointment!

Effective laser leg and vein treatment for spider veins and reticular veins

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