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Trimedica Spa offers tattoo removal using PicoSure; a technology in tattoo removal that uses laser technology utilizing short bursts of energy to remove tattoos. PicoSure is more effective in removing tattoos compared to traditional lasers.


PicoSure is effective on stubborn colors and require fewer treatments to achieve final results. This technology uses selective "shattering" with pressure waves. This method delivers picosecond laser energy that targets the tattoo ink and breaks it down into smaller particles.



This tattoo removal laser technology is effective on:

  • Multi-colored tattoos including blues and greens

  • Hard to remove black ink

  • Stubborn or previously treated tattoos


PicoSure includes focus skin revitalization that activates the body's natural skin cell process that helps with the following:

  • Reduces the appearance of winks and acne scars

  • Lightens unwanted pigment such as freckles and age spots


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