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As we go though the process of adulthood, we experience changes in our body especially when we reach the adolescent stage. Our body changes and skin produces more sebum and our skin becomes oily. If not managed well, this breakouts turns into scars on your face. These marks of scars can be permanent if not treated correctly.

RejuvaPen micro-needling technique

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Trimedica Spa offers RejuvaPen as solution for your scar. RejuvaPen is a micro-needling system that utilizes a specialized "pen" that have small needles and a cartridge. This micro-needling technique proves to be very effective in treating wrinkles and scars especially scarring caused by acne.


This technology uses fine needles to create a wound healing cascade. The infusion of serum such as peptides, growth factors or platelet rich plasma results to a youthful appearance. It diminish fine lines and even wrinkles by encouraging rapid cell turnover. This technology also reduces pigmentation issues and addresses textural issues like acne scarring.

Trimedica Spa, located in Farmingville, NY also offers several other spa services including i-Lipo & Sculpsure, facials and peels, and medically supervised weight loss plans. Whatever you're looking to accomplish, we can help you!


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